Help us save rare horse breeds

Industrialization and urban sprawl have contributed to the shrinking horse market, and when the economy hits a slump, rare breeds are hit the hardest. Some horse breeds are critically endangered, and recently, some have even vanished into obscurity and extinction. But there are handfuls of devoted people who wish to promote and sustain the remaining rare breeds for future generations.

You can help by purchasing a rare-breed horse. And contrary to what you may think, rarity does not mean costly. Rare breeds are competitively priced. Through ownership and exhibition, rare horses may see increased interest from more would-be owners, and hopefully grow in number.

  • Suffolk Punch

    Rare breed from the UK

    Visit the American Suffolk Horse Association for info about this critically endangered breed.

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  • Caspian

    Rare breed from Iran

    Visit the Caspian Horse Society of the Americas for info about this critically endangered breed.

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  • Our Caretakers

    Taylor & Brenda

    An unusual married couple with a passion for raising unusual horses.

  • Our Farmmates

    Little Hooves

    We got started with miniature horses, but who knows where it will end!

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